Mohawk Energy Qualifies Metalpatch on 9-5/8″ Casing


Media Contact: Paige Donnell


HOUSTON (September 27, 2017) – Mohawk Energy, a premier developer of tubular expansion technologies, today announced the release of its 9-5/8” MetalPatch system. This system was fully qualified and field tested in the Gulf of Mexico in a deep-water application.

With this latest addition, MetalPatch tools can now cover a full range of 4-1/2″ to 9-5/8″ applications from corrosion isolation, well integrity, or sliding sleeves failures, furthermore Metal to Metal sealing offers superior high-pressure isolation from hydraulic fracturing operations.

Mohawk Energy developed the MetalPatch system to provide mechanical isolation while maintaining a large inner diameters to withstand high burst and collapse pressures. The product can cover areas ranging from 30′ to 8,000′ in length.

‘The 9-5/8″ MetalPatch is the next step in our ongoing commitment to developing tools with greater contingency and larger diameters,’ said Scott Benzie, co-founder of Mohawk Energy. “We’re thrilled to role this product out to the market and look forward to its success.”

For more information on MetalPatch, contact Scott Benzie, scott.benzie@

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